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Lasting impressions, preferences and performance. Your logo is the most widely seen expression of your brand. It is the item you spend the most money promoting. That’s why laying a strong foundation with a well designed logo is vital to your long-term success.

At StandOut! we know that paying someone to design a logo is sometimes a scary process. We keep it simple and comfortable so that you walk away with a logo that you are happy with at a price that easy to swallow! In fact, the best part about StandOut! is that once we have your logo in house, you won’t need to go anywhere else!

We are screen printers. We are embroiders. We are sign makers. We are designers. We know what it takes to get your logo to StandOut! on anything you want to use to promote your company. 

We produce all of the end products giving us the unique insight into design to give you a logo that will work for you in all mediums. After years and years of printing for customers that provide their own art we know first-hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to logos and print. Often times we see the same story, a customer comes to us with a new “brand” that they just paid thousands for and spent months waiting on a designer to put together. That designer however may not have ever set foot in a print shop so they may not take into consideration that it would need to look good in black and white, or in one color, or embroidered on a polo.

That’s the difference at StandOut! We have a design team that works just steps away from the production crew and working as a team we can provide you with a logo that doesn’t just look good on paper, it will look great on anything you want to produce!

Tip from our designers … “Sure drop shadows and gradients look shiny and pretty, but if your logo doesn’t look good when it’s photocopied or faxed … it isn’t a good logo!”

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